BANC: Extensive Ties To Notorious Fraudster Jason Galanis Make Shares Un-Investible


"Despite the experience of recent years, corporate rogues continue to find their way to positions of power at the top companies. Thousands of people every year are fooled into investing in companies that turn out to be dishonest, unethical, or even downright criminal." - The Forewarned Investor, a treatise on identifying corporate fraud co-authored by BANC CEO, Steven Sugarman VISIT WWW.… Read More

The Market Has Ignored TCF Financial’s Transformation (But Won’t For Long) - []

TCF Financial Corporation (NYSE:TCB), led by longtime CEO Bill Cooper, was an early pioneer in free checking and debit cards. The bank expanded across the Midwest, growing from a small savings and loan into a regional retail banking stalwart. Long-term shareholders were rewarded handsomely as the stock appreciated from under $1 per share in 1991 to a high of over $32 in 2005. Buttressed by signifi…