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MiMedx: Undisclosed Failed Inspections, Illegal Injections, and the FDA


This report specifically exposes severe undisclosed manufacturing problems and contamination risks. Even though FDA investigators identified issues that “pose a significant risk to the recipient”, the company is marketing unapproved products produced by these facilities for risky experimental indications such as spinal injections. Unsuspecting patients are being defrauded through false advertisements used by dubious clinics to entice them into receiving the injections. Because these activities appear to put patients in danger, we believe the FDA has no choice but to immediately intervene. Read More

An Open Letter To MiMedx Director Luis Aguilar


We are writing you to express our belief that the ongoing fraud at MiMedx must be stopped immediately and our opinion that you are uniquely positioned to do so.  You have an important opportunity to use your position as a MiMedx Director to protect your legacy and reputation. Read More

An Open Letter To The MiMedx Auditors


We are writing to express our concerns about the risks of serious and pervasive fraud at Mimedx Group, Inc. and your firm’s audit thoroughly testing these risks in light of facts and allegations that have emerged. Read More

Eagle Bancorp’s Insider Loan Scheme Exposed


“The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One” -Title of book by William K. Black on the Saving & Loan Crisis IMPORTANT – Please read this Disclaimer in its entirety before continuing to read our research opinion.  The information set forth in this report does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell any security. This report represents the opinion of the author as of the date of this repo… Read More

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